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How does Sukoon work?

Getting the care you need for your heart condition is simple with us

Sukoon In Detail


Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme

Our service begins when you contact us to book your first home visit. All you need to do is tell us a little bit about your diagnosis, the day and time you would like your visit and where you live. We then check the availability of our nurses and confirm your home visit.

On the day of the visit, a nurse comes to you and delivers a 45-minute cardiac rehab session from the comfort of your home. Your first home visit begins with a health assessment which we use to tailor the cardiac rehab programme to your needs.


Following, the assessment the nurse delivers your cardiac rehab programme covering exercise, diet, lifestyle and mental well-being so that after our 6-visit programme, you are equipped and empowered to manage your condition independently. At the end of each visit, we set goals with you to address your concerns and make the improvements you want to see.

We charge Rs. 2000 for each visit. If you wish to pay for each visit individually, you would pay Rs. 12000. However, if you wish to pay for all 6 visits in advance, we charge a discounted price of Rs. 10000, giving you one session for free.


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